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Sewer and septic work

Dave Capodice Excavating, Inc. specializes in comprehensive sewer and septic work for both residential and commercial clients, offering a range of services to ensure efficient and reliable wastewater management.

Services include:

  • Sewer repairs & replacements

  • Septic System repairs & installations

  • Sand filter installations

With a team of skilled professionals, Capodice Excavating uses their expertise and experience to handle a wide range of services and is able to address issues promptly. The incorporation of a sewer camera allows for precise diagnostics, enabling the team to identify problems accurately and streamline the repair or replacement process. As a Licensed Private Sewer System Installer, Capodice Excavating ensures compliance with regulations and provides the solutions you need. With a commitment to excellence, Capodice Excavating stands out as a reliable partner, delivering top-notch services to meet the diverse requirements of your sewer and septic systems.

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